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Get to know Madison


Hey Y'all! Madison here! I inherited my obsession with jewelry & accessories as far as my memory serves me, thanks to my mom. When I was about 8, we got a Unesco gift catalog in the mail & I was obsessed with a bracelet made of safety pins. Of course my mom wasn't going to spend a benji on a bracelet for an 8 year old, so I got my little bead box out & started assembling my own version solely based on looking at the picture. This self-taught effort began a life long passion of jewelry design over the years, little of which I ever knew would launch me into creating my own brand. 

Mad Jewels was founded in 2011 & then I quit my "day job" in 2012 to further pursue developing Mad Jewels, all of which I could not have done without TONS of support from my loving husband, family & friends. We have grown so much as a company since then, however our brand's mission has stayed the same. We want to design affordable, quality jewelry that can be worn now until you're 80 & more importantly than that, we want you to feel PRETTY when you wear our gems! I look at jewelry as your "visible" lingerie--it gives everyone a little peek into your personality & who you are & what type of mood you're in.

Giving back to the community is something that is very important to me. We are constantly working with various charities on a revolving basis. You can click our "Shop For A Cause" tab to see how you can help & make sure you sign up for our emails to know when we're partnering with a new charity. My parents instilled in me early on, It is more blessed to give than it is to receive & we want to pass that along to all of our customers!

More about me:
I have a Bachelor's degree in Spanish from North Texas (GO MEAN GREEN!). I'm an alum member of Kappa Kappa Gamma & also in Junior Women's Club of Fort Worth. I have 2 daughters & 7 pets! Prior to launching Mad Jewels, I have worked in business development for a non-profit, financial marketing, and wore many hats for an amazing Oil & Gas company here in Fort Worth. 

A Few of my Favorite Things:
Actor: Scott Eastwood--his positivity is contagious
Band: Spice Girls, Earth Wind & Fire...I can listen to them on repeat
Scent: Pumpkin Chai from Nest
Food: Japanese! You cannot beat sushi, Ramen & tapas
Place to Travel: I have been to so many memorable places across the globe, but Capri in Italy captivated my soul
Drink: Margaritas from Joe T Garcias or a Pisco Sour at The Usual (if you ever make it to Fort Worth, try both. You can thank me later)
Holiday: October 1-February 14th. I can't narrow it down, but our house constantly stays decorated festively starting in the fall and all throughout the winter! 






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