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Alchemy Jewelry Sealer


Madison swears by this! If you love our jewels, but can't wear anything aside from 'real gold' because it makes you itch or turns you green, Alchemy is your answer to that! Its an odorless, colorless spray for all your costume jewels. It's also water based, so won't trigger another allergy.

Watch the creator herself demonstrate & explain how it works here

To use: Lay your jewelry flat and spray; let dry. Ready to wear! Re-apply every 4-6 weeks depending on how often you're wearing your jewels and doing activities that involve exposure to liquids that may cause our jewels to oxidize. You can use this on ANY brand of jewelry to extend the life of it. 

Alchemy is a jewelry sealer designed to protect your skin from discoloration and irritation. Simply spray your jewelry with Alchemy and once dried, you can't see it, feel it or smell it. Alchemy creates an invisible barrier between jewelry and your skin to protect your jewelry from tarnishing and your skin from discoloration and irritation.